Video #1: Howell Western Wear

July 30, 2020: A business in Howell had a petition. The name of a man was listed in the “circulator” spot, but the people present in the store were all female. They told people who signed the petition that it was also ok to sign the name of someone who was not present.

Video #2: Brighton Farmers’ Market

August 1, 2020: Paid petition circulator at the Farmer’s Market in Brighton said it was ok to sign someone else’s name to a petition if the signer could copy the signature of the person who was not there. (Captured on video)

Video #3: Lapeer County

September 9, 2020: A Lapeer county restaurant had petitions out. A worker said it was ok to sign the name of someone who was not there.

The event was listed on Unlock Michigan’s website:

Image #1: Unattended Petitions

This was posted on Facebook by the business hosting the petitions. It was included in Mr. Pirich’s letter.

Image #2: Illegal signing

Posted to Stand Up Michigan to Unlock Michigan by volunteers. People signed an application to register to vote, and then signed the petition for Unlock Michigan and didn’t wait for it to be processed by their clerk as required before signing the petition.

Images #3, #4 and #5: Unattended Petitions

These are still shots from video recorded at Falcon’s Nest Restaurant and were included in Mr. Pirich’s letter.