FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, June 11, 2021
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Keep Michigan Safe to file motion for reconsideration in light of Michigan Supreme Court decision to certify Unlock Michigan petition 

Dangerous Michigan Supreme Court decision will allow and encourage illegal signature collection on future ballot proposals

LANSING — Keep Michigan Safe will file a motion for reconsideration in response to the Michigan Supreme Court’s decision prohibiting the Board of Canvassers from investigating illegally collected signatures and directing the Board to certify Unlock Michigan’s petitions.

“The decision by the Michigan Supreme Court doesn’t just allow Unlock Michigan’s illegally gathered signatures to count but will allow every future ballot proposal campaign to collect signatures illegally,” said Chris Trebilcock, an attorney with Clark Hill PLC, and an attorney forKeep Michigan Safe. “The door is now wide open for the upcoming Republican voter suppression ballot drive to engage in criminal activity to obtain signatures. We urge the court to reconsider its bare-bones decision and give the serious and far-reaching legal issues we raised careful consideration. I am not sure the dire consequences of this decision are appreciated.”

The Michigan Supreme Court decision effectively strips the ability of the Board of State Canvassers to investigate illegal conduct by petition circulators and to invalidate illegal signatures obtained through illegal means. There is now effectively no way to stop illegal signature gathering in Michigan because no unit of government has the authority to invalidate signatures collected unlawfully.

The decision also means illegal conduct will soon become the norm for groups and individuals, likeErik Tisinger, exposed by media reports who have operated in the shadows for years.

“The Michigan Supreme Court has opened the floodgates for illegal conduct including forgeries, leaving petitions unattended, circulators lying about their activities, and more if this decision stands,” said Mark Brewer, an attorney for Keep Michigan Safe with Goodman Acker, P.C. “Rather than allowing the Board to investigate and holding petition gathering efforts accountable, this decision will unleash rampant illegalities and criminal misconduct in future ballot initiatives and embolden even more brazen illegal actions in the years ahead.”